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As V shut the door, Assail went for his inside pocket—and immediately had four gun muzzles pointed at his head. As he froze, his eyes went from weapon to weapon.
“I was getting out a cigar.”
“I’d do it slowly if I were you,” Wrath murmured. “My boys wouldn’t mind dropping you where you stand.”
“Good thing we’re not in my living room. I love that rug.” He glanced over at V. “You sure you want to do this here in the mudroom?”
“Yeah, bitch, I am,” Vishous ground out.
“Window phobia?”
“You were about to light up,” Wrath said. “Or get lit up. How about we solve that one first and then talk about your sieve of a house.”
“I like the view.”
“Which could be me standing over your grave,” V announced as he nodded at the guy’s disappeared hand. By Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #10) by J.R. Ward

He imagined himself being on TV, in an interview. The announcer asking him, How do you feel, MR Wiggin? Actually quite well, exept hungry. Hungry? Oh, yes, they don´t let you eat for twenty hours before the launch. How interesnting, I never knew that. All of us are quite hungry actually.
The TV guy was letting him be the spokesman for all the boys, though Ender was barely competent to speak for himself. By Ender´s Game by Orson Scott Card